04 11 / 2010

Jalasoft Announces Xian Wings Support Windows Mobile

“Wings is unique in that it provides native clients on each supported platform,” says Jeff Pollard, Jalasoft Sr. Business Strategist.  “The product is much easier to use when the Wings app works just like every other iPhone app.  Same thing goes for the Windows Mobile and Blackberry consoles.”
While the look and feel matches each smartphone, Xian Wings provides the same features on each platform. Customers will be able receive notifications, view alert data, run tasks and graph performance data on any supported smartphone.
“System administrators carry a lot of power in their smartphones,” says Jalasoft CTO Davor Pavisic. “We use that power to provide interactive reports and graphs from anywhere in the world, no matter what phone they use.”
The new version of Xian Wings will be showcased at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010 November 8 to 12 in Berlin, Germany. Attendees will have the chance to try the product on any device to see for themselves how easy Xian Wings is for keeping track of their systems health.
Xian Wings support for the iPhone will be released in December 2010.