14 11 / 2011

Jalasoft Releases New MP for HP LaserJet Printers

Today Jalasoft announced the release of its latest Management Pack for HP LaserJet Printers, as part of the Xian Network Manager  for System Center Operations Manager 2007. Jalasoft always endeavors to create MPs that suit our client’s specific monitoring needs. The new HP LaserJet SMP is an effective MP that allows users to constantly be informed on the overall status of their printers, thus being able to spot potential problems before they have a chance to escalate to more complex issues.

The HP LaserJet MP will allow you to check up on many aspects of your HP Printers, to make sure that no issues go undetected. Number of pages printed, toner status, storage, Supplies are only some of the monitored characteristics that this MP offers users.

Additionally, all other generic rules available for other Jalasoft SMPs are also present in the HP LaserJet MP. Therefore, as in any other Xian NM MP, you can still monitor traffic, port status, ICMP/SNMP availability, etc.

“Printers are used widely in companies and cause big problems for end users when they are failing. With this brand new MP, the IT staff can be ahead on problems and so preventing angry end users”, says Arnold Hagens, Jalasoft Product Marketing Manager.

If you would like an online demonstration focusing on our new HP LaserJet MP or if you’re interested in finding out more details about pricing and licensing, please contact one of our sales representatives at: sales@jalasoft.com

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18 10 / 2011

Jalasoft Releases New MP for Cisco ASA

Today Jalasoft announced the release of its latest Management Pack for Cisco ASA, as part of the Xian Network Manager’s MPs for Operations Manager 2007. In constant strive towards customer satisfaction, we’ve developed a unique but powerful Management Pack. As is the case with our other MPs, the Cisco ASA MP includes all of the standard features found in Xian NM. Smart monitoring, automatic thresholding and advanced policy templates are some of the features that Xian NM users have become accustomed to and will find present in our newest MP.

Our brand new Cisco ASA MP has been designed from the ground up to provide useful and relevant monitoring data for network administrators. Besides a wide array of configurable rules, it also includes dynamic monitoring of Sessions and Tunnels. All the rules that a user would need to monitor the VPN and Firewall capabilities, will be present as out of the box rules in our latest Cisco ASA MP. In the unlikely event that the built in rules are not enough or do not cover specific aspects of your network that are significant to you, a user has the possibility of applying our “custom rules” feature to create monitoring rules that are tailor made to fit your specific monitoring needs.

We strive to give our customers the most potent and robust network monitoring tools available. “The Cisco ASA MP gives users a simple but powerful tool that will allow them to keep an eye on their VPN activities and Firewall status” says Arnold Hagens, Jalasoft Product Marketing Manager.

If you would like an online demonstration focusing on our new Cisco ASA MP or if you’re interested in finding out more details about pricing and licensing, please contact one of our sales representatives at: sales@jalasoft.com

06 09 / 2011

Jalasoft Releases Xian Wings Support for Windows Phone 7

“Xian Wings is an incredibly useful product for anyone who constantly worries about the overall health and performance of their environments. In today’s reality of complex and rapidly changing environments, this is a tool that IT administrators can’t afford to be without.” says Jeff Pollard, Jalasoft Sr. Business Strategist.

For your convenience, we have set up a system in which you don’t need to configure a Xian Wings Server in order to test the Xian Wings app. Simply download the app from Windows MarketPlace, install it on your Windows Phone, point it to the Xian Wings Demo Server and give it a quick try!

With this, you can immediately begin to trial the features and functionality of Xian Wings!  For more information or to get details on setting up the Xian Wings Demo connection, go to the Xian Wings web site:


If you would prefer a live demonstration of Xian Wings for Windows Phone 7, please contact one of our sales representatives at: sales@jalasoft.com.

23 08 / 2011

What’s new in Xian Wings v1.4

Here is what you should know about the improvements on this new version of Xian Wings 2010:

– Improvements on the UI for iPad.
– New summary view for user account.
– Selection of Monitoring Views from user scope.
– Improvements for performance graph wizard.
– Improvements for performance graph viewer.
– Added Knowledge Base option for any Monitoring Alert

Also, you can take a look at this short video for a quick overview of our new features:



*SOON, with support for Windows Phone 7!

In addition, you can download a fully functional evaluation version for Xian Wings 1.4 on our website and the client from the App store!

01 08 / 2011

Xian Network Evaluation License now includes free permanent availability monitoring

Starting on August 1st the Xian NM evaluation licenses will include 50 permanent availability licenses completely free of charge!
Jalasoft’s SMP for Availability delivers enterprise-class operations management for virtually any type of network equipment. This SMP gathers information on ICMP availability and response times which can be analyzed in OpsMgr2007. Two alert types are available for this SMP, one that sends an alert to Operations Manager when the response time is beyond what is acceptable, and another alert if the device does not respond at all.

So if you choose to evaluate Xian Network Manager for any SNMP device for 60 days, you receive permanent monitoring capacity for ICMP/Ping for free!

02 05 / 2011

Jalasoft Releases its latest version of Xian NM Io R2 SP1

Service Pack 1 includes the following features:

  • Automatic Interface Selection (Disable Elements) – This feature has been added to prevent any unnecessary data from being sent to OpsMgr, which could in turn, affect its overall performance. With SP1, you can set up traffic rules that disable elements when the average traffic during a certain period is below a specified limit.
  • Multiple Connectors – This option allows users to connect with two Management Servers from a single NM server in order to increase the number of performance data points being sent to Ops Mgr.
  • Enhanced Topology Discovery – We have refined our discovery tool to prove more detail for Network Topology Maps. With Service Pack 1, scan tasks can be executed over multiple network ranges/segments, making the discovery process more accurate and allowing scans to better match the layout of your network.
  • New Top N reports – We have added a new set of reports that show the Top “N” objects based on Network Traffic, Packet Loss, Error Discards, Response Time and Interface Utilization over all monitored devices. Users can define the number of elements listed on the report and get a better view of what is happening at a specific point in time.
  • Cache Control – This feature has been added to improve communication efficiency between Network Manager and OpsMgr by controlling the amount of data cached on the Network Manager server. If necessary Xian NM can be configured to control the number of performance counters sent to OpsMgr at one time.
  • New Bandwidth Rule – An additional rule has been added to all SMP’s, which calculates Interface Traffic Usage as a percentage of the maximum bandwidth.

Along with many other enhancements, these key features help make Xian NM Io R2 Service Pack 1, one of the most powerful and manageable network monitoring solutions available. Anyone who’s interested will be able to download Xian Network Manager Io R2 SP1 as of today.

“This version far exceeds our expectations, and will prove to be very useful for all people who want to keep a close eye on the overall health of their environments” says Arnold Hagens, Product Marketing Manager at Jalasoft.

21 03 / 2011

Jalasoft Releases Xian NetFlow

“This is what customers have been asking us for quite a while and I am so excited that we are finally going be able to offer this build into Xian Network Manager, so using the same platform the people know as robust and the best network monitoring solution for Operations Manager” say Arnold Hagens, product marketing manager at Jalasoft. “Also we are eager to hear from people what they think of it and if there is anything they want to see the feature evolving to”

According the current roadmap, the feature will consist in special NetFlow monitors, performance data collection and special reports. More details on the roadmap will be revealed in the upcoming months.

Customers will be able to attend online demonstrations focusing on this brand new feature starting from the first weeks of April.

Additional Information

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact our Product Marketing Manager at:

Arnold Hagens | Product Marketing Manager | Jalasoft
Fax: +1 408 463 6155 | Arnold.Hagens@jalasoft.com

01 02 / 2011

Jalasoft released Xian Wings support for iPhone and iPad platforms

“Xian Wings makes life much easier for Admins who have to manage the health of their environment 24 x 7,” says Jeff Pollard, Jalasoft Sr. Business Strategist. “With Wings, IT guys have the power to stay on top of unexpected issues without having to be glued to their office desks. Thanks to the new Wings App for iOS 4, IT administrators can now do all of this through a native app on their iPhone or iPad.”

Here are some of the many benefits that Wings offers to system administrators:

    •          Reduce system downtime and costs by responding to alerts as they happen.
    •          Manage system status and alert notifications.
    •          Graph performance data to help with system diagnostics.
    •          Receive real time alerts, add comments and reassign them to the appropriate person.
    •          Execute repair and diagnostic tasks available in Operations Manager.

“Wings works!  It’s as simple as that. It’ll be like you never left the office” says Jalasoft CTO Davor Pavisic. “Wings is a mobile solution created to provide critical information to system administrators while presenting a series of ways to investigate problems and potentially solve them, without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Demos for Wings will be available in the Jalasoft Booth at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas from March 21st to March 25th.  More information, including a video demo of the product, can be found at: