30 10 / 2013

Jalasoft Releases Brand New Version of Xian Wings

Houston-October 31st, 2013 Today Jalasoft announced the release of its latest version of Xian Wings, Xian Wings V2.0. This fully mobile application will allow you to view the Ops Mgr Console directly on your Smartphone or iPad. No more running back to the office in the middle of the night when something goes haywire with your network. Xian Wings offers you an application that is fast, flexible and very intuitive. Wings delivers easy access to system states, real time alerts, performance graphs, improved table and graph views, and a state of the art OpsMgr dashboard. You will never miss a thing, having the Operations Manager console available for you anywhere you go and at any time of the day.

Our engineers have worked round the clock to make improvements to this already powerful application. For example, for our iPad version we’ve added a feature called “Remote Shell” which allows the user to run power shell and prompt commands directly from their iPad against the OpsMgr server or another computer. Another aspect worth mentioning is our new “Notifications Widgets”. Besides alerts, states and performance graphs, it is now possible to add notifications widgets to any Wings dashboard.

On the side of Smartphones, we’ve implemented “Class Icons” for each monitored object in iPhone and Android devices. All monitored objects now display their associated type icon along with their status, making it easier to know which object is experiencing issues.

In order to broaden our scope, the Xian Wings server and/or console can now be installed on any computer running Windows 7 or 8. Furthermore, The Xian Wings server now fully supports .Net Frameworks 4.5 in order to improve performance and compatibility with the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies.

“Now more than ever, it’s a 24 x 7 job keeping IT systems running at peak performance.  Without Xian Wings and it’s “anywhere, anytime” access to Ops Manager, I don’t know how IT Managers get any sleep.  At least when they wake up, Wings will let them check alerts and fix problems without having to rush back to the office.” says Jeff Pollard, Jalasoft Sr. Business Strategist.

If you would like an online demonstration focusing on Xian Wings Version 2.0, or if you’re interested in finding out more details about pricing and licensing, please contact one of our sales representatives at: sales@jalasoft.com

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact our Marketing Manager at: Andrea.Zurita@jalasoft.com

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17 10 / 2013

Jalasoft Releases Service Pack 2 for Xian NM 2012

Houston-October 17th, 2013 Today Jalasoft announced the release of the long awaited Service Pack 2 for Xian Network Manager 2012 for System Center Operations Manager 2012 (including R2). For all of you who were eagerly awaiting this version, it was all worth the wait. We’re proud to release on of our best and most robust Service Packs up to date. We’ve taken into account all of the feedback and suggestions from our current customers and from those looking to jump onboard the Xian NM train, to offer a network monitoring tool unlike anything else out there.

Xian NM 2012 is regarded as one of the top network monitoring tools for system administrators looking to keep a close eye on their networks whilst spending as little time possible on this vital task. Following this logic and always striving towards customer satisfaction, we’ve made it our business to add a variety of new features and to enhance most of our already existing ones. To give you an idea, we’ve worked countless hours to improve our Configuration Monitoring feature for Cisco switches. For starters, we’ve made Configuration Monitoring available through Telnet and SSH, to offer a few enhancements on the side of security. Following this trend, we’ve also added support for the latest version of VMWare Virtual Center and have also included a set of new rules in our enhanced VMWare Management Pack.

However, most of our improvements have been centered around our Netflow feature. We put all of our effort into implementing many advancements in functionality and performance to this already useful feature. Xian NM can now properly receive and process Netflow traffic from any device that has Netflow version 9 enabled. Xian NM will automatically detect the version and the packets structures, including any custom one, from any V9 templates to obtain the fields and values that can be used to filter data and generate alerts and counters for OpsMgr. Netflow Dashboards have also been added; Xian NM can now create an OpsMgr dashboard that contains performance graphs from elements associated to a default or custom filter. In other words, you will be able to create automatic dashboards for each Xian NM filter monitoring your Netflow traffic. Additionally, we’ve gone a step further to enhance our Monitoring of Top N Elements and our Sampling features. Top N Elements has been developed to avoid overloading Ops Mgr with too much work. The user can now define the top N elements that will be sent to OpsMgr. For example, instead of sending 150 IP addresses to OpsMgr, you can configure Xian NM to only register the 10 IP addresses that have most of the traffic. This list will be automatically adjusted so new elements will be added and old ones removed. Finally, Sampling lets you chose if all the Netflow packets received from the devices sending their data to Xian NM will be accepted and processed or only a configured percentage.

“I would go as far as to say that this is our finest work yet. We have left nothing up to chance by providing a tool that gives you the power to monitor all aspects of your network in a very personalized and efficient way. You’ll be saving an incredible amount of time which could be better spent on other tasks” says Davor Pavisic, Jalasoft CTO.

If you’re interested in finding out more details about our brand new Service Pack 2 for Xian Network Manager 2012, please contact one of our sales representatives at: sales@jalasoft.com

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact our Product Marketing Manager at: Andrea.Zurita@jalasoft.com